Founded in 1998, Smart Smell Systems was established with a vision to further develop and expand the air freshener and fragrances industry in the Lebanese market and the region. Today Smart Smell Systems is a leader in the air fresheners and a key player in the supply chain business, bottling and the developing technology of electronic devices. Smart Smell systems became a pioneer with its diversified product lines, innovative ideas and impeccable customer support.

As part of its mission Smart Smell Systems today caters for not only the Lebanese market but also for 14 different countries from the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region to the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council). The high standards of services and the top-notch quality that Smart Smell Systems is known for today, come to confirm that their philosophy entirely focuses on customer satisfaction.

Smart Smell Systems and throughout the years has positioned itself as a spearhead in the market with product diversifications and ongoing development. Furthermore Smart Smell Systems is the only Lebanese company that closely participates and actively collaborates with the Scent Marketing Institute; the Global Body Research and Development of Scent Marketing in New York. It’s noteworthy to mention that Smart Smell Systems with its innovation now offers disinfection and insect control products with high efficiency and proven solutions.

Smart Smell Systems has remarkably differentiated itself from competition by providing private label products to its regional clientele and customized fragrances that meet the needs and requirements of each country. In addition Smart Smell Systems delivers over 200 fragrances for different clients with their branded air fresheners and dispensers.

Whether you are a large corporation or a small medium enterprise Smart Smell Systems looks forward to serving you with a personal touch aimed at providing you with top-notch support and friendly customer service.