Micro Fresh Solid Refill

Item #: McrFr Wa

Features: 30-Day output Airfreshener for Autos, Homes & more… Spring Air Scents Non Spill, solid refill really are different, featuring enhanced Aroma Technology on the inside and irresistible retail packaging on the outside.


Refill Fragrance Selection

FragranceItem #
GardeniaMcrFr Wa-200
JasmineMcrFr Wa-235
VanilleMcrFr Wa-365
FragranceItem #
Bubble GumMcrFr Wa-130
StrawberryMcrFr Wa-340
Tutti FruttiMcrFr Wa-360
FragranceItem #
Black IceMcrFr Wa-127
Oud MalakeMcrFr Wa-105