Aromatika Dispenser

Item #: ARD 0102 B

Features: Aromatika is an Eco-friendly scent diffusion system that is specifically designed for large areas such as hotels lobby, auditoriums, malls, showrooms, etc.

It uses an advanced atomized technology to diffuse the scented liquid into the Air. The concentration of the released flavor can be adjusted by programming the built-in 24 hours/1 week timer system to suit different environments

This stand alone dispenser can also be wall hanged or connected to HVAC systems for an optimum performance.

Coverage: 15,000 m3
Bottle capacity: 2.5 L

Colour: Black.
Case Material: Steel
Power Supply: 220 VAC

Quantity per carton: 1 pcs
Carton Dimensions: 33 x 23 x 20 cm
Carton Weight: 4 Kgs