Mega Scenter Diffuser

Item #: MGSCD 0110LG

Features: This unit is specifically designed to freshen cars with perfume whenever needed and especially after a car wash.
One refill of this unit is able to serve 10,000 cars. Just one single spray of Mega Scenter has the power to perfume a whole car.
The diffused fragrance can be applied anywhere in the car including the AC vents.


Colour: Light Gray
Case Material: Metallic
Overall Dimension:
27 x 33 x 63 cm
Power Supply:
3V _ 2 x D size Alkaline Batteries

Quantity per carton:
1 Dispenser including 1 refill
Carton Dimensions:
29cm x 36cm x 65cm
Carton Weight:
23.2 Kgs